About Léro

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As of 1986, a team of researchers comprised of pharmacists and doctors imagined using omega-3 (marine-derived polyunsaturated fatty acids, EPA and DHA) by combining them with vitamins and trace elements to restructure cellular activity better and have an impact on the body’s different metabolism. Since then, several studies have pointed out the benefits we can expect of these omega-3 fatty acids. This consensus around their health interest has led Laboratoire Léro to develop its range of dietary supplements around the marine-derived omega-3 combination (the so valued EPA and DHA), vitamins and trace elements thereby proposing full products in the scope of the targeted action.

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We therefore make available to you 3 product ranges, each with a different aim:

  • The PRESERV’ range will help you take personal care of your potential for health. Products from the PRESERV’ range are taken in the form of a long term cure and provide ingredients specifically recognised for their efficacy on maintaining your body’s correct function.
  • The ACTIV’ range is involved in the care of your specific needs. Products from the ACTIV’ range offer you combinations of complex, balanced and original micronutrients taken in the form of a cure over several months.
  • Products from the ESTHETIC’ range will meet your aesthetic concerns whether this be to contribute to the care of your skin’s health, your hair or even managing your silhouette.


Our priority is to be with you daily and make available to you simple and effective solutions to better strengthen your health capital, by complying with a rigorous and qualitative approach:

  • Manufacture that complies with the strict regulations of the pharmaceutical industry and guarantees the traceability of products;
  • Dietary supplements in accordance with European regulations, Directive 2002/46/EC ;
  • Oils taken from wild fish in cold seas whose heavy metals concentration complies with the requirements of French and European authorities;
  • A dosage form (soft capsule) because of its numerous advantages: easy to take, perfect compatibility with components, optimal bioavailability and tolerance, stability, excellent maintenance of the contents and precise dose.
  • A study and research policy working with independent and renowned teams to design the safest and most qualitative products.