Lero DETOXIFIANCE, the detox treatment.

Who is it for?

Anyone wanting to purify their body:

  • After a period of eating excessively
  • During seasons of transition.
  • In the case of a dull complexion.


Lero DETOXIFIANCE is a specifically dosed combination of 4 plants:



detoxifiance_01BIRCH JUICE: known and used for its diuretic and depurative properties. Part of the plant used: the leaves.



detoxifiance_02THE BLACK RADISH: favours elimination of waste products that helps liver functions. Part of the plant used: the roots.



detoxifiance_03PEPPERMINT: favours better digestion. Part of the peppermint plant used: the leaves.



detoxifiance_04CHICORY: favours better digestion. Part of the chicory plant used: the roots.

In addition, radish and peppermint also have anti-oxidant properties that help in the fight against free radicals.

Some advice to improve the efficacy of your detox treatment:

  • Choose natural foods as often as possible and favour food from organic farming without pesticides as far as possible.
  • Limit your intake of fats and excitants.
  • Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. Water, herbal tea, green tea, etc…water is essential to evacuate waste products.
  • Get some exercise as it favours perspiration that eliminates waste products. Also profit from Turkish baths and saunas whenever possible.
  • Fill your lungs with oxygen. Taking the air restarts the exchanges that occur inside the body. Think about breathing well and go for walks in pollution free places.
Extrait de menthe66,6 mg
Extrait de chicorée66,6 mg
Extrait de radis66,6 mg
Extrait de bouleau66,6 mg

To help eliminate waste products accumulated in the body.

To purify your body.

1 10 ml dose in a large glass of water.

300 ml bottle.
1 bottle = 1 month.

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