Lero LACTEASE to digest lactose.

Who is it for?

For anyone:
  • who suffers from abdominal pain;
  • who is nauseated or vomits after ingesting a product containing lactose.
  • who is intolerant to lactose.


Do you have problems such as stomach-ache and distension when digesting milk and dairy products? This discomfort may be caused by sensitivity to lactose, the main sugar in milk. In fact, lactose is composed of 2 molecules (glucose and galactose) that have to be broken up during digestion by an enzyme called lactase. This enzyme can sometimes be present in insufficient quantities so lactose contained in food is not assimilated so well.
  • Lero LACTEASE provides the required dose of 4500 units of lactase to improve digestion of lactose and keep digestion comfortable during absorption of milk, dairy products, or any other food product containing lactose.
It is necessary and important to take a Lero LACTEASE tablet when consuming a lactose-containing product.

Some advice to improve your digestive comfort:

  • Only consume food and lactose-containing products in small quantities
  • Avoid eating this type of food or product too quickly.
  • Consume products containing lactose at the same time as other foodstuffs (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, etc.).
  • Check the list of ingredients in all home made pre-cooked meals and in the medicinal products you are prescribed because some of them contain more or less significant quantities of lactose.


Lactose is also found in: > Yoghurts, fromage frais, milk, cheese > Medicinal products (used as an excipient: 20% of medicinal products contain lactose) > Ready meals Lactose intolerance affects approximately 70% of the world’s population. > 80 to 100% of Asia’s population > 30 to 40% of the French: for example: 50% of people in the South of France
Lactase soit 4500 unités FCC56,25 mg

Improved lactose digestion.

Helps digest dairy products.

1 tablet before consumption of any dairy product or a product containing lactose.

Box of 60 tablets.

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