Lero PREMUNIL strengthens the body’s natural defences and improves resistance.

Who is it for?

  • People subject to recurring illnesses during winter.
  • The elderly.


  • Lero PREMUNIL provides you with a precisely measured combination of vitamin D, Vitamin B6, iron, copper, zinc, and selenium so that your immune system functions normally.
  • Lero PREMUNIL also contains manganese and vitamin E to help protect cells against oxidative stress.
  • LERO research decided to complete its formula with all the benefits of Lactobacillus Casei by including these strains in a gastro-resistant matrix.

To improve your winter:

  • Aerate your rooms frequently for at least ten minutes each day.
  • Wash your hands frequently for 20-30 seconds in luke-warm water.
  • Do not overheat the bedrooms (18 to 20°C maximum). Dry air attacks the mucous membranes in your airways and makes them more susceptible to infectious agents.
  • Avoid smoking because tobacco irritates and weakens the respiratory system. Passive smoking promotes ENT infections in children.
  • Combat stress by playing sport to eliminate toxins, and sleep for a minimum of 8 hours a night.
Vitamine E30 mg250 %
Zinc15 mg150 %
Fer14 mg100 %
Ferments lactiques
Lactobacillus Casei (1 milliard UFC)
10 mg
Vitamine B62 mg143 %
Manganèse1 mg50 %
Cuivre0,5 mg50 %
Sélénium50 mcg91 %
Vitamine D5 mcg100 %

For the nervous system to function well.

To protect cells against free radicals.

1 capsule a day. 2 to 3 months, repeatable.

Box of 30 capsules.
1 Box = 1 month.
Box of 90 capsules.
1 Box = 3 months.

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