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Where can I buy your products?

In France, our products are sold in all pharmacies and outlets selling health and wellness products. Your pharmacist can also order our product range from their wholesaler.

Can I take several dietary supplements at the same time?

In order to avoid any risk of overdose, it is recommended to study compositions well before combining with dietary supplements so as not to find a significant dose of one of the micronutrients. Moreover, it is advised to comply with a rest period of two weeks in between two cures.

How many calories are provided by a Lero product capsule?

The amount of calories provided by a capsule varies with the product. This is on average 4/5 calories which corresponds to 1 g of sugar (a small lump of sugar is equivalent to 5 g).

Can I open the soft capsules?

You can, if necessary, cut the capsule and pour the contents into a yoghourt or vegetables, to make the dose easier to take. However, in some cases, certain highly concentrated components can have a strong and strange taste (fish oils, copper, zinc for example).

How long does a cure last?

The duration of cures is variable according to products and their aim. This varies from 3 weeks to 6 months. It is very important to comply with each product’s user recommendations to optimise its benefits or carefully follow, as appropriate, your doctor or pharmacist’s advice.

Why do some of your product compositions change?
Ingredients may disappear in favour of others or their doses may be modified.

There may be several reasons for our products changing. First, we take great care to comply with prevailing regulations, we can therefore replace one ingredient with another when necessary. We also follow scientific progress in our field very closely and there may be new studies highlighting the interest of one component or a specific dose. In this case, our formulations vary so as to always be at the cutting edge.

Which fish do you use for your wild fish oils?

We choose from fatty fish and according to the concentration we wish to attain, we use sardines, mackerel, salmon or tuna. Indeed, the omega-3 fatty acids concentration varies with the kind of fish used. For example, tuna is especially rich in DHA whilst mackerel is rich in EPA and DHA.

Does the calcium panthotenate come from calcium?

No, calcium panthotenate is the other name for vitamin B5.

Do you monitor the mercury content of the fish oils you use?

We are very cautious about the quality of the ingredients we use to manufacture our products. We have in place all the controls inspections required by European regulations and the mercury content of our fish oils is well below the threshold set out by these regulations.

Is combining a dietary supplement with a homeopathic cure contraindicated?

No, it is perfectly possible to combine homeopathy and dietary supplements. Moreover, this is commonly proposed by doctors with this speciality.

Is the gelatin comprising your capsules of porcine origin?

We do not use gelatin of porcine origin in our products. This is very often marine-derived but can sometimes be of plant origin.

Les compléments alimentaires sont-ils des produits de qualité ?

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Les compléments alimentaires sont-ils toxiques ?

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Qui doit-on prévenir en cas de survenue d’effets indésirables ?

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At what age can a child take Lero PREMUNIL Juniors?

Lero PREMUNIL Juniors has been designed for children aged 6 to 12 years. It can be administered as of when the child can chew the capsule.

My child does not like chewing the gelatin capsule. How do I make sure they take the product?

The Lero PREMUNIL Juniors coating does not contain any active substance. It is therefore quite possible to spit out the capsule after absorbing its contents.

Lero DNV capsules are difficult to swallow. What do I do?

The sizes of our capsules are based on useful doses in each micronutrient. Lero DNV is highly concentrated in fish oil―an ingredient that requires a lot of space. We advise taking your Lero DNV capsule with a large glass of water at mealtimes. You can, however, pierce the capsule and pour its oily contents onto your plate to be taken while eating. We would like to warn you, however, about the taste and smell of highly concentrated fish oil.

It is sometimes advised against combining iron and vitamin C, because the former could oxidise the latter. Why then does Lero BASE contain iron and vitamin C?

Iron does not modify the quality of the vitamin C. On the contrary, iron absorption is stimulated by the existence of vitamin C. However, it is important to take amounts of iron dietary supplements that comply with recommendations. Moreover, in order to avoid overdose and its disadvantages, it is not recommended to ingest several iron-containing products.