Léro RHU

JOINT flexibility

Lero RHU micronutrients that help preserve good joint mobility and resistance.

Who is it for?

  • Elderly persons.
  • Those with stiff or sore joints.
  • Sportsmen and women looking after their joints.


Lero RHU contains:
  • Natural EPA, highly concentrated omega-3 (oil from wild fish from cold sea areas in 60% concentration) which is used in cell membranes,
  • manganese and zinc which help keep bones healthy;
  • copper to keep conjunctive tissue (support tissue) in good health;
  • vitamin B6 which plays a part in normal metabolic reaction to keep collagen tissue healthy;
  • vitamin E, zinc and selenium to protect cells against oxidation.

Lero RHU benefits from Biosol technological innovation.

Biosol is a micro-emulsification procedure that increases the surface area for absorption of EPA/DHA fatty acids. Aim: to make them easier for the body to assimilate. Since Lero RHU has a high concentration of fish oil, we have added essential oil of lemon so as to avoid the possibility of gastric reflux due to this high concentration of fish oil.

Some tips to protect your joints:

  • Your joints need warmth: protect the most vulnerable areas.
  • Even if you suffer from osteoarthritis, practise a light sporting activity after checking with your doctor.
  • If you need to bend down, always do so bending your knees.
  • When using a computer make sure the screen is directly opposite you and preferably that you are looking slightly down at it. Take regular breaks to stretch your legs and rest your wrists.


The mecanisms of action of Lero RHU have been demonstrated in-vitro on human cells in a study led by IFR31 (French Research Institute) in Toulouse.
Huile de poissons
60% d’EPA naturel (oméga-3)
400 mg
Vitamine E15 mg125 %
Zinc7,5 mg75 %
Vitamine B51 mg17 %
Vitamine B61 mg71 %
Manganèse0,5 mg25 %
Cuivre0,25 mg25 %
Sélénium25 mcg45 %

1 or 2 capsules a day.
3 to 6 months, repeatable.

Box of 30 capsules.
1 Box = 1 month.
Box of 90 capsules.
1 Box = 3 months.

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